Time Could Stand Still

“Time can be defined from many perspectives.  From perception view point time is an emergent concept which our mind creates. Present is the consciousness or awareness of recording of memory into the brain. Past is just a record while future does not exist. From point of view of physics time is presence of motion and forces in the universe.” (http://www.timephysics.com/)

Philosopher John Ellis McTaggart (1908)  theorized  that the passage of time is an illusion suggesting that only the present is real. Time is an invention of the human mind. We perceive the passage of time; however, time is not a real thing. I tend to agree with this theory when looking at time from a spiritual perspective. It is not scientifically right but it makes perfect sense to my incompatible to math brain.

I have been doing all sorts of research about time, as I realize I had in a sense paused time on my blog. I have been swamped with work and getting ready for the Spring semester that all I can think of is I need more time. There never seems to be enough hours in a day to get things finished, yet the day has the same amount of hours in it that every other  day. Today will have the same number of minutes as tomorrow.  There is never enough time. Why can a day have 34 hours in it? Would that be enough?

While I was pouting and complaining to God that he should have made the days just a bit longer it hit me. I am going about this time thing all wrong. I am allowing a self perceived thing to control me. I could almost hear God say, “Bingo, you got it.” I should be controlling time. Of course I can’t control it to the point of adding extra hours to my day, but I can control the way I handle my time.

I am not talking about buying yet another day planner and planning out every second. Actually, the opposite. I am going to try to stop time. Stop the clock watching, scheduling, frantic appointment keeping and stressing over time. If time is a human perception then I can change time by changing my perception. Of course I have to be at work on time and I do not want to be late for church on Sunday, but the rest of my day is not so time imperative.

Just think of how freeing this could be….