Tell Someone

Have you ever read the quote below?

“If Christ’s love has warmed your home, tell someone.If in worship you have come close to God, declare it. If prayer has shown you the power of God, say so. If through Christ you have found forgiveness and the power to forgive, let someone know. If the church has given you a chance to serve the God you love, tell someone. If God has worked a miracle in your life, say so. Say so…in your business, to your friends, in your home, as you travel and while you play, through your church, with your lips, by your life. Whenever and wherever God gives you the chance, say so! No one else can be as effective a good news teller, an evangelist, to your friends as you can. With a genuine Christian you cannot tell where religion stops and living begins or where living stops and religion begins.” ~Anonymous

I just love the quote above. I wish I knew who said it, wrote it, or thought of it. It speaks volumes about evangelism.  It is true that no one can speak to your friends, family or community better than you. Every one of us, if we profess to be a Christian, must share the gospel. It is not a request. It is not only on the days that you feel like sharing. It is an everyday commandment. Look, if Jesus can give his life for us because he loves us, the least, the very least we can do is tell people and share His love.

Just think about it.

Me and NaMo

I am almost two weeks in to my big adventure of writing a novel in a month. I have made great progress thus far. Outline, check, characters list, check and first three chapters drafted check. One the flip side, I am thinking that this was a bit optimistic of me. I have had several people tell me that a month isn’t enough time for a true complete novel and I agree with that. I am seeing a skeleton of a novel emerging. I have had good momentum up to this point, but…..and this is a big but, I have hit a wall. That dreaded writers black wall. I know where I want this story to go but I am at a point that has me stuck.

I knew it was coming, it always does. I am stuck on what I call the filler parts of a the novel. You know the parts that fill in the back story and the space between the big parts. Yeah, I am really stuck.

I am open to any ideas that anyone may have about getting past the block. Is there some magical thing I can do, drink, sleep on, read, eat, sing, or chant to get me back in to the smooth flow of writing?

A month?! What was I thinking? More like six! I could be stuck in writes’s block desert, hell, solitary, prison for a month!

I will have to get back to blogging later, I must go talk to God about this right now! (Prayers from you all would be good too!)




Me Vs. Procrastination

I have had it with my arch enemy procrastination. I am going to beat this thing. I have decided to do a trial run for the NaMo. (click here for info) It actually starts in November, but I started today to write a novel in a month.( This is a test, this is only a test if this had been an actual novel, HEY, wait it is an actual novel!) I know this is a brave thing to do considering my schedule and obligations. If one thing is certain my responsibilities are not shrinking and I am not getting more time. This is definatly a challenge I cannot do it alone and seeking the help of God is a must.

I will keep you posted on the progress. Today I managed a prologue and two full chapters. Plus, I organized my current projects. I have no less than five in progress. I have no time for procrastination, so it can take a hike!


I have been a bit of a procrastinator lately. It’s not that I mean to put off what I know I need to to, it is just that I seem to run out of time. My days have been filled with my job, food, sleep, church, and an occasional shower. Then the whole cycle repeats again. I am so busy that I can’t focus on what I want to focus my time on, but rather what I am required to do. I have a sense of overwhelming responsibility slapping me in the face at every turn. I am  writing, I couldn’t exist if I didn’t, but I haven’t been doing the work I need to do like editing,  posting on my blog or submitting any articles to publishers. I won’t even mention how far behind I am on sending out book queries. Let’s just say the desk is piling up and I hate , no I loathe a messy desk. What is wrong with me? I can hear that small still vocice say, “Nothing, I am redirecting you. Stop fighting it and go with it. One more thing, wait for instructions”

I saw a quote the other day that hit the nail on the head of my  current rut. I wish I knew who said it or wrote it, I would send hem a Thank you card. It said simply “God answers all prayers, Sometimes he says Yes, sometimes he says no and sometimes he says You’ve Got to be Kidding.”  God defiantly has a sense of humor. I have been really asking God to show me the next path for my life. I keep waiting for an answer and I don’t get one, or at least it isn’t an obvious one. I know I am waiting for something, what the something is I have no clue, hence, yes, God has a sense of humor. Waiting is not the answer I want, I want a more direct answer. God often does  not work that way. In my impatience comes procrastination.

I am destine to wait until God provides my next step, and I will have to deal with procratination. Does it make me less faithful to get frustrated with God? No it makes me human. God knows I am going to get frustrated and He knows I am going to procrastinate.

I know there is a lesson here in, but I am not ready to see it. I just want a God given sign that points down the correct path.I want an answer that tells me exactly what to do next. To bad, Lori, you don’t always get what you want.  God is answering my prayer with a very simple answer. Wait.

If God, Why Evil by Norman L Geisler

I am amazed that this book isn’t required reading for seminary students. I began to read it thinking I could just read it through. I was shocked when I had to pick up a Bible and brush up on my use of logic trees, that have a fancy name I can’t remember just now, from Philosophy 101 to get through it. I did not really read this book but rather digested it. Geisler organizes thoughts clearly and logically then backs up the logic with scripture. This book is not light reading and I suggest reading it more than once. However, reading the book doesn’t require a degree in philosophy to understand. I struggled through parts of it due to the complexity of the style. It takes some getting used to, but does not distract the reader fr0m the point of the book. Geisler takes the complex and difficult topic of evil and uses basic Christian philosophy to explain it. Some of his theories and conclusions that he reaches are a bit far for the average Christian reader, but are plausible.

Giesler makes you think about answer to tough quesitons, such as why evil exists in the first place, why does God allow evil to exist and what is the purpose of evil? Have you ever thought that evil has a purpose? You will after you read this book and you will have a greater understanding of evil and God’s purpose for it.